Q Score!
Your pride. Your reward!

Every activity you do on the app and with your friends will result in a higher Q Score. Higher the Q score the more Que coins you earn with every step.

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Make Every Step Count!
Smash the Super Stepper button before you walk and ensure every step is rewarding.

Walk more but walk smart

Up your Q-Score game!

Daily Challenges

Take up personal challenges or group challenges and as you complete them, your Q Score will increase. Get ready to crush your fitness goals with our group challenges feature! Connect with friends and compete in friendly step challenges, earn rewards and unlock badges while having fun and staying active. It's a great way to motivate each other and achieve more together. Join the challenge now and let's get moving!

Earn Boosters

Step up your game with our in-app purchases of Boosters! Need a little extra push to reach your next Q-score milestone? Our boosters will give you that extra boost you need to hit your targets. Whether you're looking to boost your steps or increase your rewards, our boosters will help you get there faster and have more fun along the way! Upgrade your experience now!

Do “Q’ have it in you?

Q-Score- The one score to rule them all

Flaunt your Q score

Show off your Q-score to your friends and compete for top spot on our leaderboard! Brag about your achievements and motivate each other to reach new heights.

Earn Rewards

Earning rewards with a higher Q score can be achieved by being consistent and persistent on Communique/

Unlock new features

Unlock new features and rewards as you progress and increase your Q-score! Keep pushing yourself to discover new and exciting ways to enhance your fitness journey.

Buy Boosters

Use your hard earned Que coins to buy boosters so you can momentarily increase your Q score, which in turn helps you earn more Que coins!